Boy howdy, it’s been busy around these parts! In addition to getting ready for my wedding (now just a few weeks away!), we’ve been doing a lot at Lunchroom Riot HQ. By now, nearly every package for the Moonspawn and the Defenders of the Dark #0 campaign has been shipped with international backers being sent this past week, so be on the lookout for those if you’ve yet to get those yet.

In fact, a lot of you have found yourselves on this list because of that Moonspawn campaign. Again, big thanks for helping that project come to life. And an even bigger thanks for choosing to be added to our e-mail list to keep up on the latest news on whatever we have in store.

Speaking of what’s in store…

The next crowdfunding campaign from Lunchroom Riot is coming soon…as in, within the next month soon! We still have a few things to tweak on the campaign page, but we hope to have a prelaunch page ready in the next fews week before we officially launch on October 3rd.

The story is titled Macabre Mel: Wicked Salvation, and it’s been an absolute blast to work on. Featuring art from frequent collaborator Rolands Kalninš, this 56-page graphic novella sees Mel as she traverses the afterlife.

Helping flesh out the RiotVerse even further, Wicked Salvation is set between SH*TSHOW #2 and SH*TSHOW #3, picking up immediately after the events of The Plane Eternal short story included in last year’s SH*TSHOW Shorts #1. Suffice to say, the RiotVerse is moving full steam ahead and Wicked Salvation is one of this world’s most important pieces yet.

How’d Balam come to Earth? Where’d all the heroes go? What favor did the Devil owe Mel? All those questions (and more) will be answered in this title. But what’s all that worth without a little tease, right? Interested to see what’s coming to the Kickstarter?

Fine! We’ll get you some sneak peaks. In total, we’re launching with four regular covers and maybe—just maybe—we might just have some more surprises lined up before we launch. How about those cover reveals?

How’s that? Mighty fine work but some of my favorite artists in indie comics. Cover A is by Rolands and Cover B by Mattia Monaco, the artist of Once Upon a Time in Cairo from SH*TSHOW Shorts #1. Since I’ve yet to do a crowdfunding campaign without work from close friend Juan Angel, we upped the ante here and Juan did TWO covers for Wicked Salvation: Cover C (Magmarro) and Cover D (Mustru-Ratu).

So those are the four covers we’re launching with…but a comic isn’t a comic without the innards, right?

Wanna see some interiors—all still a work in progress, of course? Ask and ye shall receive.

And that’s about it for now! We have a bunch of cool things in store, but I’ll reveal that stuff in the next newsletter, which will come in a week or two once we get the Wicked Salvation prelaunch page set up.

In the mean time, we’ve got Lunchroom Riot accounts set up on both Twitter and Instagram, so give a follow to see even more behind-the-scenes snapshots if you so desire.