Where it all begins. The RiotVerse is established in SH*TSHOW #1 and you’re introduced to two major teams: Legend’s Legion and the Magnificent McCoys.

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Balam is back and is madder than ever! It’s a showdown for the ages as the McCoys try to power through and snuff out this demonic threat once and for all with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Be warned readers, all of the McCoys may not make it out of this fight alive!

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This is it, fearless readers! Balam is picking off the McCoys one by one, and Legend’s day of reckoning has arrived. Does the Principled Protector of Peace have it in him to put the demon away for good, or should we prepare ourselves to be doomed for eternity? The first story ends here!

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SH*TSHOW Shorts #1

SH*TSHOW Shorts #1 is the first issue in an anthology series diving headfirst into the superhero universe first introduced in Scout Comics’ SH*TSHOW. From the beginning of time to Balam’s first incursion on Earth — see SH*TSHOW Vol. 1 — and thousands of years into the future, each issue of SH*TSHOW Shorts will include a handful of short stories from upcoming creators fleshing out this new superhero world.

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Moonspawn and the Defenders of the Dark #0

No single being across the multiverse has hunted more monsters than Rip Moonspawn. From werewolves and banshees to dragons, griffins, wyverns, and more—nothing’s too large for the elder Moonspawn to capture. The years have been unkind to the hunter, and his mind has started to falter as such adventures have had devastating consequences. Enough so, he unwittingly traversed alone into a horrifying dimension known as the Terrorscape to hunt his biggest monster yet.

Now, his estranged daughter Zaria must gather the Defenders of the Dark in order to traverse the Terrorscape and save her father from his suicide mission.