Pre-orders for Nock #1 go live on January 3, 2023!

Crime has crippled every borough of Cross City, allowing the city’s most demented serial killer to flourish and revel in his kills. Enter John Nock, member of the crime-fighting World Warriors. Only Nock isn’t a superhero or, at least he doesn’t think he is; all he’s got is a bow and some arrows. Nock sets out to prove his worth, hoping to take down the Bagface killer once and for all.

Green Arrow meets Daredevil in this dark, neo-noir tale. The first of four issues in Nock’s introductory mini-series.

Nock #1 Page One
Nock #1 Page Two
Nock #1 Page Three
Nock #1 Page Four
Nock #1 Page Five
Nock #1 Page Six

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